Flash Flood, Landslide Warning on Koh Chang

News articles from Koh Chang islandThai PBS News, 11 May 2017

Visitors to Koh Chang in Trat province are warned of danger from flash flood and landslide as the island resort is bracing for increasing rains from middle of this month.

The warning was issued by Koh Chang district chief officer Kamthon Wehon after meeting village headmen, local administration officials and local community leaders to get them prepared for the upcoming rainy season in the island resort district.

They were told to monitor weather forecast closely in case of continuous​ rainfalls for many days posing possible flash flood and landslide.

He said as many resort homes are located on slopes and hillsides, and some blocking the path of water, operators are advised not to open service for stay as they could risk collapse in case of being hit by flash flood or landslides and their foundation structure are not stable or reinforced.

He cited previous flashfloods on Koh Chang which came fast and strong due to its slope geographic locations, and asked for cooperation from resort operators.


  • Thanks for all the great Infos, I met you briefly last year on my ramblings, so I did think it was you writing the articles, as they have that typical British sense of humor in them!

  • So every time it rains the resorts are expected to close? And what happens to guests already in the resort when it starts to rain heavily, are they turfed out?


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