Don’t Feed the Monkeys. 500 Baht Fine to be Introduced.

News articles from Koh Chang islandThailand PBS – 10 January 2017

Tourists visiting Koh Chang in Trat province are warned not to feed long-tailed macaque or they will face a fine of 500 Baht each.

Mr Nitchai Pandet, chief of the conservation department of Koh Chang National Park, said Tuesday that the 500 Baht fine was introduced after it was discovered that the warning against feeding the wild monkeys has been ignored by many tourists who stop by the roadside and feed the monkeys.

Signboards written in both Thai and English warning tourists to not feed the long-tailed macque have been put up on several spots on the island where the beasts venture out of the forest and gather on the road waiting for food.

Nitchai said that usually the monkeys forage for food in the forest, but feeding by tourists has spoiled their habit and turned some of them aggressive and attack tourists or steal food from food stalls.

He blamed some tour guides of not explaining to tourists, especially foreign tourists, about the negative consequences from feeding the monkeys.

He hopes the introduction of fine would help discourage the feeding practice.


( Here’s why you shouldn’t feed the monkeys

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  • There are already fines for this. In order to get caught you’d have to be very unlucky or hang around feeding them for a very long time. So unless a ranger is following the monkeys around, waiting for tourists to feed them, this policy won’t change anything.

    Everybody from a country without wild monkeys, who sees a monkey for the first time, and happens to have a banana in their backpack, is probably going to feed it to the monkey, whether they’ve seen a 500 baht fine sign or not. Because then when they go home they can say they fed a wild monkey.

    I don’t really see any solution to this unless you start doing something drastic like introducing huge fines or jail time and clearly that’s not proportionate.

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