Pacific Eden Cruise Ships Visits Koh Chang 9 & 23 August

The Pacific Eden, the first cruise ship to call at Koh Chang, Thailand


This rainy season sees the arrival of the first cruise ship to dock on Koh Chang since the days of the Siam Steam Packet Co. and their cruises from Bangkok to Sihanoukville, Cambodia over 100 years ago.

The ship, P&O’s Pacific Eden, will call on 9 August as part of her inaugural 14-night cruise.  This will take mainly Australian guests to nine ports in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.  The ship will then make a return visit on 23 August.

The Pacific Eden
Length: 219 Metres
Crew: 580
Decks: 14
Passengers: 1,500
Weight: 55,400 Tonnes

The Pacific Eden carries 1,500 passengers and made the news in Australia over Christmas 2015 when 60 passengers on the recently refurbished vessel were struck down with food poisoning.  Many others complained of the state of the ship.  However, since then things have improved and reviews are positive.  So Koh Chang can expect a boat full of happy Aussies with cash to spend.

What they’re going to do during the rainy season is another thing as the island isn’t geared up for this many visitors arriving on a boat.  And it should be interesting to see where it moors as obviously the main ferry piers can’t accommodate a vessel of that size which needs minimum of 8 metre deep water just to stay afloat.  So it will be somewhere offshore.  Bangbao would seem the sensible location as it’s sheltered.

If you’re taking the cruise, let me know what you plan to do with the day moored off Koh Chang.  If you need any ideas for rainy season activities, get in touch.  Or if you want to invite me onboard for a beer in one of the 15 bars and restaurants then that would be great.

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