British Twatpackers Get Lost in the Jungle

British twatpackers lost in the jungle on Koh Chang

( OK – the Bangkok Post didn’t use that exact headline . . . but they should have.  They were found on the same hill, Khao Laem, where I did a trek the previous day. )

Bangkok Post – 15 August, 2016

Two lost British hikers found in Koh Chang forest

TRAT – Two British tourists were rescued from the forest on Koh Chang shortly before dawn on Monday morning after they became lost returning to their guesthouse from a hike on Sunday.

Trat tourist police were informed about 9.30pm on Sunday by the guesthouse manager that Theodor Stennett, 22, and Ramanjot Chahal, 22, were missing.

They had set off on a hike through the forest near Khlong Klai beach in tambon Koh Chang of Koh Chang Tai district on Sunday morning.

Pol Lt Col Man Rodthong, an inspector of Koh Chang tourist police, and officials from Koh Chang National Park tried to contact the tourists by their mobile telephone.

The signal was eratic, because it is a remote area, but they were finally able to make contact with them.

They were asked for as much information as possible to help identify their position, and told to stay where they were while a search team tried to find them. The couple were finally found near the top of Leam mountain.

The search team, led by a guide familiar with the area, had started out about 10.30pm. The tourists were found around 5am near a cliff. One had minor injuries incurred while scrambling over rocks and was given first aid.

They were brought out of the forest and taken to the local hospital about 10am on Monday. Arrangements  were made for their return to Bangkok.

Pol Lt Col Man said the tourist police would coordinate with foreign embassies and suggest their citizens get a guide if they want to go into the forest

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