White Sand Beach Map

White Sand Beach Map

North White Sand Beach Map

Get your bearings.   Figure out where your hotel is on the busy northern stretch of White Sand Beach.

This is the north and central area of White Sand beach.  Not every place to stay or eat is shown, if it was the map would disappear, buried under icons for second rate souvenir shops, tattooists, tailors and tour agents booths etc.   But there’s enough info to get you started.

White Sand beach is the first beach the road runs alongside as you head down the west coast and lies around 10   – 15 minutes drives   from the ferry piers.   This is a long beach of powdery white sand or at least the northern two-thirds of it is.   The southern part from Kacha Resort south is more small stones and rougher brown sand whilst the northern section of the beach, especially way up outside White Sand Beach Resort, is one of the nicest on the island.

White Sand Beach Map

For detailed information on ‘Little Benidorm’, a.k.a.White Sand Beach, see the Island Guide. If you’d prefer to just look at pretty pictures then check out the Photo Gallery.

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