The East Coast of Koh Chang Map

Map of the east coast of Koh Chang island

Visitor Map of the East of Koh Chang island

The East Coast of Koh Chang isn’t really on the tourist map.  A quick glance at the lack of icons on the map below indicates that, either this area of the island is a radioactive wasteland, or that although there are a few very comfortable, good value places to stay the area lacks the long sandy beaches that tourists usually look for when visiting an island in Thailand.

In fact, it’s a good area for anyone wanting to avoid the more touristy aspects of the island.  But be prepared to rent a scooter or car if you want to get around easily.  There’s a small beach just south of Centrepoint Ferry pier that’s home to three of the best small resorts on the island – Amber Sands, The Souk and Serenity Resort.

If you head down the east coast by scooter you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the lack of traffic.  The road is very quiet and there are several places to stop off and explore enroute.  Dan Mai village is worth looking around and the waterfalls, especially the free to entre, Klong Nonsi waterfall are worth checking out.

Map of the Klong Son area of Koh Chang

For detailed information on how to amuse yourself for more than 20 minutes on the east of the island, see the East Coast guide. If you’d prefer to just look at pretty pictures then check out the Photo Gallery.

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