South White Sand Beach Map

Visitor map for the south of White Sand beach, Koh Chang

Map of the South White Sand Beach area

This is the southern part of White Sand beach.  Although by the time you get down to Grand view Resort, you’re at the end of the actual beach.  From here south the resorts are on the cliffs.  Some such as Plaloma have steps down to the sea but most places have views but no access to the sea itself.

Prices for accommodation are cheaper in this area.  So if you’re willing to stay ten minutes walk from the actual beach , then you’ll save money. Places such as Keeree Ele Resort and Paddy’s Palms Resort offer good 2* standard rooms for around  1,000 – 1,500 Baht or so even in High Season.  This is also the area to stay if you want to be close to bars and beer bars.  It’s easy to do a European pub crawl taking in German, Scandinavian and Irish bars – all without having to walk more than 100 metres.  There’s also the ‘Little Pattaya’ beer bar area and a large new Makro Cash & Carry.

As the roads heads up the hill to the south there are more ‘normal’ shops.  ie. the ones used by people working at resorts in the area – so you’ll find some cheap little restaurants, fruit shops etc which aren’t aimed specifically at tourists.   At the top of the hill, just before you reach Pearl Beach, you’ll find the International Clinic, this is the place to go if you want to see an English speaking doctor and have medical insurance – as it’s very pricey.  Directly opposite is a viewpoint and shrine built by the Thai Navy.  A good spot for sunset views.

Map of the southern part of White Sand beach, Koh Chang

For more information on this area see the the Island Guide. If you’d prefer to just look at photos then check out the Photo Gallery.

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