Koh Chang Maps

Koh Chang Map

The Koh Chang Map

This map will give you a quick introduction to the main areas of then island.   I also added a few icons for spots for viewpoints you can take good landscape photos showing different aspects of the island.  ( If you want the most Instragram-worth views then here’s a list of the Top 50 Koh Chang sights & views with locations marked on a Googlemap. )

You’ll find more detailed maps for specific beaches in this section.   (For photos and more detailed information on beaches and other areas of interest around the island, see the ‘Island Guide‘ ).

The main thing to remember about Koh Chang is that it isn’t some pissy little Koh Phi Phi-esque island.   So forget all notions of staying on White Sand beach and strolling down to Lonely Beach for a morning coffee. before ambling over to Bangbao for a slap up seafood lunch at ‘Ye Olde Traditional Fish Emporium‘ and   then pottering back to your hotel late afternoon.   That isn’t going to happen.   It’s not just the distances involved, it’s also the fact that the road down the west coast has abundant, seriously steep, hills that no sensible person would want to trudge up in 35C degree heat.

Below is a quick overview of the island.   On other pages in this section you’ll find more detailed maps with the main hotels and a selection of  restaurants, businesses and attractions etc marked on them.  They don’t have every single places listed on them.  But there should be enough to see if your resort is really is only a minute’s walk from ‘a palm fringed tropical beach‘ or whether it’s a 10 minute drive to the nearest noodle shop.

Getting around requires being dependent on the white pick-up truck shared taxis (‘songtaews’) or renting a motorbike or car.   If you want to visit the laid back eastern side of the island you will need your own transport.

Alternatively you could just chill in your windowless bamboo hut and travel vicariously thought the exploits of others thereby conserving your valuable eurodollars and enabling you to extend your Asian adventure even longer.   This method is only recommended for backpackers and those on the run from Interpol.

Map of Koh Chang island

More maps of the different areas of Koh Chang

Map of Klong Son

Map of North White Sand Beach

Map of South White Sand Beach

Map of Pearl Beach

Map of Klong Prao Beach (North)

Map of Klong Prao Beach (South)

Map of Kai Bae Beach

Map of Lonely Beach & Bailan

Map of Bangbao

Map of the East Coast of Koh Chang

Map of  Salakkok and Salakphet