Bailan Map

Bailan map

Bailan Bay Map

Bailan Bay is the least developed area on the west coast of Koh Chang.   The lack of white powdery stuff on the beach means that there hasn’t been the usual mad dash to buy up land and build huge resorts.   But times they are a-changing and there are a growing number of small flashpacker resorts in the area plus one 4 star option in the Mercure Hideaway.

Not all the businesses in Bailan are marked on this map, but enough to get your bearings.

Don’t ask about the scale, that’s not important.  It’s a simple map for a hamlet on Koh Chang, not something you use to plan an expedition to Everest.

Bailan map

For detailed information on where to ‘chillax’ and meet fellow travellers who like to talk loudly about how they  ‘did Laos’, based entirely on time spent in an inner tube on the river at Vang Vieng, plus info on how many tons of sand it took to make the Mercure’s artificial beach, see the Island Guide. If you’d prefer to just look at pretty pictures then check out the Photo Gallery.

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