West Coast Islands

Koh Suwan

The closest island to Klong Prao beach and so the most visited. There isn’t a great deal to see, but the island ha a small beach and you can walk along the shoreline or scramble through some brush to the other side where you will find a small, always sheltered cove where you can snorkel.   The northern tip is where you will sometimes see locals fishing from the rocks and it is common to see small boats bobbing around at the western side of the island, where you will also spot seabirds on the rocks and numerous small crabs.   On the southern tip is a little rock archway with a white sand floor.   If you get the timing tight and the tide is low then it does look very pretty.

Worth Visiting? Yes. It isn’t too far from Koh Chang.   It is easy to pull the kayak out of the water here and swim or snorkel off the small beach which is barely visible at high tide.   And also a good stopping off point if you are going to Koh Yuak, which has the clearest water and best snorkelling of the islands in the area.


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Koh Chang Island Guide For Independent Travellers