West Coast Islands

Koh Man Nai

This privately owned, but undeveloped island is within easy kayaking distance of the south end of Kai Bae beach   In fact, at very low tide it is possible to walk here – although you will be chest deep in water and will need to wear sandals as the sea bed is a mix of coral, stones and sand.   Anyone staying on Kai Bae beach will immediately notice the island has a sandy beach on the eastern shore.   This makes it a lovely spot for an an easy kayak trip.     From the island you get excellent views north along the coast of Koh Chang and also south to Lonely Beach.   Around the back of the island, the northwest, there are quite a few rocks rising out of the water, good fun to practice your kayak handling skills here at low tide.

Worth Visiting? Yes. No excuse not to if you are staying in Kai Bae and fancy a bit of gentle exercise and a ( usually ) quiet beach with great views.



  • Rental is usually around 100 Baht per hour. The kayaks can seat 3 people. Rent one from Mam Kai Bae Resort (follow the access road through Kai Bae Beach Resort to get there.)

  • How much is the rent for kayaking boat to koh man nai ? we are three people including my 4 year old daughter . One boat is enough for us?

  • Swam here one morning from Kai Bae beach resort, took about 2 hours, most of the way you could stand up, it was deserted, there’s a concrete disc on the beach about the size of a manhole cover with a rather dubious inscription telling you its called obedient wife island and if you take your wife she will be more obedient and more beautiful lol.

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