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Koh Wai

Koh Wai - from a distance

For more detailed information on visiting Koh Wai, read the Travel guide

In the excitement of paddling hours to island that’s actually worth visiting, I seem to have forgotten to take   a good photo of the island as a whole from a distance.   But it is pretty big and flat so doesn’t make for a good photo. Hence the pic above.

But no problem. Koh Wai is the most visited of the other islands withing the Marine National Park.   Virtually all snorkelling trips from Koh Chang make a stop there, inter-island boats stop there and there are several places t stay on the island.   Although there aren’t any roads and electricity is from generators, so is only available in bungalows at night.   The island’s main attraction is the off beach snorkelling.   Great for families with young kids or anyone who isn’t too confident in deep water.   The nicest beach is at Paradise Bungalows, but there are two very attractive smaller beaches on the eastern tip of the island.   The coastline along the south and west of the island is cliffs.

Worth Visiting? A definite ‘Yes’.   You can do a half day trip on Bangbao Boat for 500 Baht and spend about 3 hours on the island. Includes mask & snorkel , transport from your hotel on Koh Chang and a 50 Baht voucher to use in a restaurant.   So no need to kayak there.



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