Southern Islands

Koh Klum

Now we are getting into some real islands.   Koh Klum lies approx 7Km south of Bangbao fishing village and is around 4 kilometres in length.   That means it is a pretty big island – large enough to hide a couple of battleships behind – as the French did so well prior to attacking the Thai fleet in WW2’s ‘Battle of Koh Chang’.   But, as we all know, size isn’t everything and attractions are in short supply on Koh Klum.   The island is basically a huge rocky ridge with no signs of life apart from a solitary fisherman’s shack built near the shore on the south-east of the island.

The waters around Koh Klum are ideal for fishing though and on calm days you will see plenty of locals out in small boats.   It isn’t that well known for snorkelling but there are a couple of pretty good spots, on the northeastern corner and on the southeastern shore – where you will find the island’s only sand beach.   A thin strip of white sand with beautifully clear water.   You will see fish here as there are rocks and coral very close to the shoreline.   From a distance there appears to be other beaches on the island but these are all dead coral, rather than soft sand.

Worth Visiting? Yes.   Although you’d probably want to do it by motorised boat rather than kayak.   Especially good if you are into fishing and also fancy a bit of snorkelling too, well away from the crowds.


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