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November 2017.  Read this page: More information on getting to Koh Ngam and the island now

Head way down to the far south east of Koh Chang , past Long Beach, past Hat Yuthanavy Naval Memorial and you will find the road comes to a dead end at a small shack / restaurant.   The restaurant has kayaks for rent and, under 400 metres away, lies the private island of Koh Ngam. The island comprises two hills which are linked by a sandbar. Similar to a smaller version of Koh Phi-phi in the south of Thailand. On the southern side of he island is a beautiful large bay where snorkelling is possible.   There is one resort on the private island, Analay Resort, so it is possible to get food and drinks here.

The island has a bit of   a controversial past, it is owned by a businessman from Koh Kood who also owns Klong Chao Resort & Ananlay Resort, Koh Kood.   Years ago the National Park decided that the island belonged to them and took it.   They then built a resort on the island.   But, after a lengthy court case, the rightful owner won and got the island, plus resort back.

Worth Visiting? For sure. A lot of people rent scooters and head down to the far south east. If you are doing this then just grab a kayak for an hour and paddle over to Koh Ngam.   Lovely little island.



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