South-east Islands

Koh Mai See Yai

Koh Mai See Yai is one of the largest islands in the Koh Chang Marine National Park ( so not easy to take a photo of the entire island ) , far larger than the much better known Koh Wai for example, however it is also one of the least visited. I guess entirely due to it’s lack of any sandy beaches. However, all is not lost. On the south east corner of the island you will find maybe not the only sea cave in these parts, but certainly the only one I have seen whilst paddling around the islands.   It is home to a colony of bats which can be both smelt and seen in the recesses.

The long barren northern side of the island is uninhabited.   No flat areas of shoreline, just rocky hills rising steeply out of the sea.   The southern shore though is where you will find some life in the form of a couple of fishing communities who have built ramshackle stilt houses in sheltered bays and also one old resort.   The restaurant and pier built in a small bay and some bungalows on the land. I doubt it is still open as a business, but people are living there.

Worth Visiting? Yes, for anyone interested in getting some glimpses into how subsistence fishermen live and seeing real fishing villages rather than something like Bangbao which is now more of a tourist attraction.



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