South-east Islands

Koh Mai See Lek

Only a few hundred metres off Koh Mai See Yai lies Koh Mai See Lek.   ‘Lek’ meaning small, although small is relative as the island is far bigger than most in the area.   I was looking forward to seeing this island mainly because, from the satellite image, it looks like an upturned whale. But also I wondered what was in the large, south facing bay.

First the bad news, there are no beaches on the island.   I saw one strip of shingle / broken coral on the eastern tip of the island but other than that nothing.   The good news is that the sheltered bay is very picturesque and home to a small fishing community.   The original settlers on the islands around Koh Chang were Chinese fishermen. and the entrance to the bay is guarded by two Chinese shrines which face each other.

Worth Visiting? If you needed safe haven from a monsoon then the south facing bay is as good a refuge as you’ll find in the area.   But seeing as you are unlikely to be in that position, the answer is ‘No’.


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