Salakphet Islands

Koh Phrao Nok ( a.k.a. Koh Sai Khao )

At the entrance to Salakphet Bay lies Koh Phrao Nok.   Years ago, before the west of Koh Chang was developed for tourism, this island and its resort were very popular with Thai visitors.   Nowadays the resort, called Sai Khao ‘White Sand’ Resort is basically deserted.   There are a few staff on the island who take care of the place and look after the plants and the gardens are kept in very good condition.   But the resort itself is slowly crumbling.

Pull up on the lovely white sand beach, have a swim and then take a walk around the island, past bungalows   and a reception / dining area that haven’t seen guests for years and along a concrete path that takes you to the north of the island.   An interesting spot to visit.

Worth Visiting? Yes.   Clear water, white sand, ghost resort and no people – what’s not to like? And from here it really isn’t so far to Koh Laoya.


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