Salakphet Islands

Koh Phrao Nai

Koh Phrao Nai and it’s adjacent sister island are owned by one of Thailand’s largest conglomerates.   The island was in the news a few years ago when local authorities successfully stopped work on laying huge water pipes from Koh Chang to the island.   From the western shore of theSalakphet bay you will see that some land has been cleared on the island and along it’s western side. However, it is not an attractive island, there are no beaches or majestic cliffs.   The east of the island is the most interesting.   It is here that a few fishermen live in stilt houses either built right on the shoreline or in the sea close to the island in a very sheltered small bay.   The water in this area still isn’t too clear and I don’t recall seeing any spots that would be good for snorkelling.

Worth Visiting? Not on it’s own.   But if you are in the bay and visiting the nearby beach on Koh Phrao Nok, then it is worth taking a look at the eastern side of Koh Phrao Nai too in order to see a traditional way of life.


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