Salakphet Islands

Koh Mapring (2)

It would appear that the word ‘Mapring’ is used to denote a very small island with nothing much to see on it and no overwhelming reason why you would want to go there. This Koh Mapring is located at the head of Salakphet Bay and blends so well into the mangrove shoreline and mountains that you don’t really spot it from the opposite side of the bay or from any common vantage point.   It’s just a small green mound set against a green backdrop. There is nothing on the island and the water in this area is shallow and murky. The two other islands in the bay Koh Phrao Nai and Koh Prao Nok are far larger and inhabited and are smack in the centre so you can’t really miss them.

Worth Visiting? No.   Even if you happen to be kayaking in Salakphet Bay there’s no reason to go out of your way to take a look at this island.



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