Salakphet Islands

Koh Lao Ya

Also written as Koh Laoya – but as you will see there is a good reason for it being two rods, as there are other islands nearby Koh Lao Klang and Koh Lao Nok.   Koh Lao Ya and the smaller Koh Lao Nok are linked by a wooden footbridge.   The reason being these are private islands and Koh Lao Ya is home to a resort ‘Laoya Resort’ which is popular with mainly Thai visitors.   The island has a lovely white sand beach on the eastern shore and some very clear water, ideal for snorkelling between the two islands.

It is possible to hire a boat in Sakaphet to take you here for a day trip but the only regular snorkelling trips that visit tend to be ones organised for Russian groups, who tend to be more adventurous than their European counterparts.

Worth Visiting? Yes.   Not too far to paddle from Salakphet and even closer from Long Beach. Great beach, good snorkelling, and outside long weekend holidays virtually no people.


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