Salakphet Islands

Koh Lao Nok

Just south of the co-joined Lao islands is the third in the group Koh Lao Nok.   Another uninhabited island that is seldom visited.   Although, in the past,   I have seen people fishing there and also   a tour boat from Salakaphet moored with a dozen or so snorkellers.   Most of the island is the usual rocks and scrub but the north-east side does have a couple of small beaches where you can easily get out of your kayak and swim. Very clear water too and a seabed of white sand and rocks, so should be good for snorkelling.   Just south are two rocky outcrops which are clearly visible at low tide.   There may be possibilities for snorkelling off a boat around them, but nowhere to pull a kayak out of the water on them.

Worth Visiting? Probably not. It doesn’t offer anything that the main Lao Ya island and Lao Nok islands don’t have and is another 1.5Km or so paddle, so not worth the effort unless you really want to get away from everyone.


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