Salakkok Islands

Koh Salak

What can be said about Koh Salak that hasn’t already been said?   I’d imagine quite a lot as you won’t find it mentioned anywhere online.   There again, the reason it isn’t mentioned is probably because it’s an insignificant little island with nothing to see if you do go there – as I discovered.   Even the water quality isn’t great – nowhere near as clear as around many islands.   But there were a few locals out in small boats in the area, so   I guess the waters must be good for fishing.   If you want to go there the best thing to do is hire a kayak from Salakkok Seafood Restaurant.

Worth Visiting? No.   Not even in conjunction with it’s near, larger, neighbour Koh Lim.   The only noteworthy experience is the view back towards Koh Chang through the entrance to Salakkok Bay.   Stick to paddling around the mangroves in the bay instead.



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