Koh Rang Group

Koh Tun ( a.k.a. Koh Rang Lek )

Baby Koh Rang, the second largest island in the 12 island Koh Rang group – but one that hasn’t been blessed with any natural attractions. It’s only real purpose is to serve as shelter for fishing boats. As there was no point going around the island, I already knew there was nothing to see, I didn’t bother and the closest I got was Koh Rang, about 400 metres away.   This island goes by two names, the National Park use Koh Rang Lek, most maps show it as Koh Tun.

Worth Visiting? No. You will see it, go very close to it, but as it isn’t a good snorkelling spot and has no beach then there is no point at all in visiting. Especially with a great beach on Koh Rang and good snorkelling so near.


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