Koh Rang Group

Koh Thong Lang

koh thong lang

One of the most popular of all snorkelling spots and the eastern-most island in the Koh Rang group.   Not a beautiful island by any means but overall the best for snorkellers.   As evidenced by the floating signs that warn boats not to come too close to the shore, these sometimes swing round depending on the direction of the currents and so look a bit ridiculous (see photo below) .   There are mooring buoys and markers to try to ensure that boats don’t drop anchor on the corals.   On the regular ‘4 island’ or ‘5 island’ snorkelling tours, you will probably stop here in the early afternoon before you head to Koh Wai.   Most tour boats follow similar routes so it can get busy in the afternoons.   But in the morning it is deserted.

Worth Visiting? Definite Yes.   In the past snorkel trips stopped here but technically the island is closed to allow coral rehabilitation.  So may not be possible to visit.


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