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As you can see it is a long island.   Koh Rang is the main island in the 12 island group to the west of Koh Mak.   The island is inhabited and is home to a National Park Ranger station which is located in a beautiful sheltered bay near the northeast of the island.   It will soon be possible to stay on the island as a couple of new bungalows have been built at the ranger station for paying guests.   In additional there is a small restaurant which serves surprisingly good food in an idyllic atmosphere. As this is a National Park station camping is possible and there are public toilets.

The island’s best beach is at the southeastern tip, this is where there is also   a Chinese shrine for sailors. And as with any ‘good luck’ shrine is packed full of wooden penises. (Yes, really) The northwestern beach is also widely visited, but to my mind not as attractive and it is in shade until early afternoon.   There are a couple of other beaches on the east coast – one at the National Park office in a very sheltered bay which is coarser sand and another small white sand beach near the northeast of the island – the water here is very shallow so not easy to bring a speedboat up to it except at high tide.   The western side of the island has nothing of interest on it.

Worth Visiting? For sure. Although if you want to set foot on the island then   check before you buy your tickets.   Many speedboats will stop at the southernmost beach and also at the smaller & less attractive northwest beach.   The larger tour boats tend to moor off the small islands and so not always possible to get to the sand.   If you want to stop off at the National Park restaurant you’ll need to rent a boat privately.


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