Koh Rang Group

Koh Mapring (4)

Another Koh Mapring

Yep, up to four Koh Mapring’s now and believe it or not we aren’t done yet.   This Koh Mapring is south-westernmost island in a group of three off the northwest coast of Koh Rang. Smaller than the two nearby islands, it’s just a rocky outcrop, but a good snorkelling spot.   Boats will moor at the buoy just to the east of the island.   Close by on Koh Rang, snorkelling off a small beach is possible.   Many speedboats stop here so day trippers can have lunch on the beach.   Most of the larger tour boats don’t visit this island,   so it is a quieter spot to snorkel than the others islands on the eastern side of Koh Rang.

Worth Visiting? Yes, but there are other islands with better snorkelling and with a better beach nearby.   I’d go for Koh Mapring (3) if you wanted beach + island. But this is a quieter spot.


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