Klong Son Islands

Koh Mapring

Located at the mouth of Klong Son Bay.   Not a great deal to see above the water – just rocks and trees plus a very small strip of sand – large enough for a couple of people to sit on.   But it is a pretty good, relatively unknown, snorkelling spot.   Only one daily boat trip stops here – the Sea Adventures Catamaran ( which doesn’t go fast enough to get to islands south of Koh Chang ) But you might be able to arrange a boat trip here privately.   Some very clear water and even some coral off the eastern side of the island.

It’s pretty easy to kayak up here from White Sand beach.   If you do, and fancy a stop at a small beach, then 200 metres away, you will see a very nice 50 metre long white sand beach at the mouth of the bay.   Nice spot for a swim and only accessible by sea.

Worth Visiting? On it’s own No.   But in conjunction with the nearby Koh Chang Noi and the hidden beach with no name in Klong Son bay then it makes for a nice, and not too long paddle from White Sand Beach, or from the Siam Royal View development in Klong Son. So a definite Yes for that.


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