Klong Son Islands

Koh Chang Noi

You will see this island, from the ferry as you are heading to Koh Chang.   It is under 100 metres from the northernmost tip of Koh Chang.   Separated by a narrow straight that fishing boats use when heading from the mainland to the sea west of Koh Chang.

The ‘back’ ( west ) of the island looks like many others, just boulders and trees. However, there is some pretty good snorkelling and as with the nearby Koh Mapring, only one boat the Sea Adventures Catamaran makes regular stops here.   But for me the real charm of the island is the eastern side, facing the mainland.   Here you will find a very nice beach, ideal for a picnic lunch.

There is just one little thing to bear in mind.   The big sign from the Thai Navy warning visitors that this is their island and trespassers face a fine of 20,000 Baht and/or 5 years in jail if they set foot on the island.   Feel free to ignore this, as it is in Thai language only and the chances of a warship appearing out of nowhere and you being whisked off to face a court martial are slim.   At the north end of the beach there is a footpath that leads into the centre of the island. There may well be a top secret naval installation hidden, but somehow I doubt it.

Worth Visiting? Yes.   But in conjunction with the nearby Koh Mapring and the hidden beach with no name in Klong Son bay.   A nice day out from and not too long paddle from White Sand Beach, or from the Siam Royal View development in Klong Son.


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