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What To Pack For a Holiday in Thailand

WHat should you pack for a holiday in Thailand?
Thanks to Gem, a travel writer and regular visitor to Thailand for contributing this article.  You can follow her travels around Southeast Asia and beyond at Travels with a Hobo  
When traveling to other Asian countries, I expect the weather to be a lot like the Philippines: hot and humid. So, packing should be easy enough, right? However, there are a lot of things I have to prepare, especially since there’s a lot of places to see and things to do that I can’t try in my home country.
If you’re visiting Thailand soon, here’s a quick travel packing checklist you can use to ensure that you get the most out of that trip!

The Necessities

Before you open your bags to pack, consider these items first:

Travel documents: If you’re a seasoned traveler, preparing your passport and itinerary is second nature. But sometimes, you can misplace them while you’re surrounded by everything you need to pack. I like to have a small bag or pouch where I can keep these things, and leave it where you’ll see it away from all the clutter.


When traveling to Thailand (or anywhere really), it’s good to have an idea of your budget. Just because you can do a lot of things on a small budget doesn’t mean you can be lax about your accounting.

Look up places to eat and list down souvenirs you want to buy. Research the price of transportation and any fees you might have to pay for activities you want to do. At the end of it all, add a little extra to that number in case of emergencies.

You don’t really have to worry much about preparing any Thai Baht before you travel, though. There are a lot of money changers around, and their rates tend to be better than what you can get overseas.


These are your IDs, credit cards, frequent flyer cards, health insurance, etc. Depending on how you like to keep your money, you can have just one wallet or keep a separate card holder. It’s also good to have a small card to list your emergency contact info and other numbers like your hotel/hostel and taxi companies (just in case).

The Long Haul

You have the basics ready, now to take out the bags:

The Carry-ons:

Passengers are usually allowed one carry-on plus a personal bag on the plane. I usually bring a backpack because it’s super convenient and easy to carry, plus a handbag that I can use for when we go out to eat or shop.

But, if you want to be more adventurous in Thailand, you should probably bring a backpack that’s made for the outdoors. It doesn’t have to be the type you see on backpackers, but make sure it’s waterproof, and the straps can handle the weight you put inside.

I also like to have a bag with pockets to hold things like water bottles and small umbrellas. It’s also nice to pack something like an eco-bag since Thailand has a lot of amazing fruits you should try! A tote bag is great for stuff that is perfect for a beach relaxation such as a book/Kindle, sunglasses, and sunblock.

The Luggage:

Depending on the length of your stay and what you plan to do, pick a bag to hold just the right amount of your belongings with some extra space for your shopping finds. Be sure also to bring extra plastic bags for laundry or wet clothes.

Likewise, consider how you’ll bring these bags around. Most people carry wheeled bags for convenience. But, you might also find yourself roughing it out in less urban parts of Thailand, so maybe duffel bags would be easier to carry. Check out this guide to help you decide the right bag for the trip.

Additional items: There are so many fun things to do indoors and outdoors, but if you want to do something that requires special gear, make sure you check with your airline about additional fees and how you’ll store them during your trip. Photography/video equipment, sports gear, etc. should all have their own bags.

For those who want to splurge on some quality fashion, Bangkok is full of amazing tailors who specialize in bespoke suits, but be sure to adjust your budget! Also, make room for a garment bag in your luggage.

For travel safety, don’t forget to have locks on all your check-in bags!

The Stuff

With your bags picked out and ready to be filled, here’s everything else you need to bring:

The essentials: I like to pack the really important things in my carry-on and handbag. I try to put my passport and tickets somewhere accessible but close to me like the inside pocket of my handbag.

Along with the important stuff I listed earlier, I also put all my electronics, entertainment, and health items in my carry-on. If you open my carry-on bags, you’ll find:

  • My camera bag
  • A book or two
  • My phone and charger (since I don’t need any adaptors)
  • Earphones
  • A guidebook with maps in case I don’t have immediate access to Wi-Fi
  • A health kit


Here’s where it gets tricky. I thought I could bring my regular clothes to other Asian countries because its climate is similar to what I experience in the Philippines. But, I was wrong!

The weather is pretty much the same, but it can change depending on where you go. Buses and buildings also like to blast the AC so it can get cold indoors. I actually pack a hoodie which is useful for unexpected rain and sudden cold.

For the most part, I pack some shorts and light shirts to deal with the tropical weather. I also brought a pair of pants and a skirt for having dinner somewhere nice.

Be sure to bring your swimsuit! You don’t want to miss out on swimming in Thailand’s gorgeous beaches.


Sunglasses, walking shoes, and a hat are musts if you love spending time outdoors like me. Not only is going out good for your health, but you can’t afford to miss what Thailand has to offer in terms of sights and activities.

By now, I hope you’re ready to visit the land of smiles because you’ll definitely leave the country smiling from the incredible experiences it has to offer!


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