Luxury Hotels on Koh Chang

The Best Luxury Hotels & Resorts on Koh Chang

Luxury Hotels on Koh Chang

The Best Hotels and Resorts on Koh Chang

Something for those of you who enjoy a bit of luxury on your travels.  Here are seven of the best resorts on Koh Chang.  It’s not definitive, as writing about what is ‘best’ is very subjective.  But  this isn’t just my opinion.  It’s backed up by reviews from the booking sites and Tripadvisor.  These aren’t in order of preference, but just in order by beach.  Starting at White Sand beach in the north of Koh Chang and going down the west coast to Klong Kloi beach on the south coast of the island.  I should also point out that these are all large resorts.  I’ll do something similar for Family resorts and boutique places when I have the time.

KC Grande Resort & Spa

Located at the quieter northern end of the bustling White Sand Beach, the KC Grand Resort and Spa is sure to make your trip to Thailand a memorable one. Whether it’s your first time in the country or you’re a frequent visitor, the KC Grande will help you feel right at home.

Food and Drink
With two restaurants and several bars to be found within the resort, you can enjoy a fantastic array of food and drink, including BBQ and local specialities.  Each dining location boasts its own stunning view, allowing you to relax and soak up the sun and the welcoming atmosphere. The rooftop bar in particular offers a sumptuous view of the ocean and means that you can enjoy the sun just that little bit longer before seeing it slide below the horizon.

Total Relaxation for Mind and Body
After your workout in the fitness room, you will be able to cool off in one of the resort’s four swimming pools. ( Yes four – so there’s always going to be one that hasn’t been overrun by kids. ) One of them even has its own fun slide, should the urge take you. Though the resort is right by the beach, all of these pools mean that you’ll be able to enjoy a swim, no matter what the sea is like.  If life has made you tense, then the beachfront spa is guaranteed to ease your troubles, offering a wide range of holistic treatments, making use of the finest Thai and Western styles of treatment. The relaxed atmosphere is enhanced by a strict no mobile policy, allowing you to separate yourself from all the woes that come with modern living.

Meeting & Wedding Facilities
Surprisingly quite a few companies hold seminars and meetings here. Bringing in teams from across Asia for a get together in one of the best resorts on the island.  ( Suggest it to your boss.) Anyone organising a conference is sure to love the high standard of service provided by the KC Grande. With a wide selection of conference set-ups, you can plan your big event and let the resort handle all the minutiae such as AV equipment and catering. The dining halls also allow you to throw a lavish banquet and really help your attendees feel important. Whether you need a buffet or a cocktail evening, the KC Grande has you covered.  It goes without saying that the resort is also popular with wedding parties as they have experience handling the largest of events.

While it would be nice to put the world on hold, it doesn’t always work out that way. As such, the entire resort also offers free Wi-Fi to all of its guests, meaning that you’ll never be left out of any important communications during your stay.

Though the White Beach is the busiest beach on the island, the resort is a few minutes walk from the built up , central beach area.  And so is quiet, but also within easy walking distance of a plethora of beach restaurants , shops and bars.

The average sea view room will cost around US$250 per night during the High Season, though there are many additional options available should you require a touch more luxury or wish to save money and book one of the rooms on the inland side of the main road, which were constructed in 2013. Several of the suites on offer come complete with their own Jacuzzi, allowing you to soak away your troubles in the privacy of your own room.

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Panviman Resort

The Panviman Resort is located on a peaceful stretch of Klong Prao beach. With over 50 incredible rooms on offer, you are guaranteed to feel special and can be sure of a high level of service during your stay. The resort has been designed in accordance with Thai styles of architecture, making the experience feel truly unique amongst the country’s many resorts.

Its relative isolation makes this resort ideal for anyone who wishes their holiday to be a private retreat. Couples can come and enjoy the privacy and bask in the romantic setting beside the sea. Situated a few kilometres from the nearest clubs and bars, it means that you are guaranteed peace and quiet, day and night. Should you wish to visit anywhere nearby, the resort offers a car rental service as well as transfers.

The tranquility of the resort translates to all its surroundings, ensuring that quiet walks along the beach and relaxing swims are always possible throughout the year. Even with such a small customer base, the facilities are all of the highest quality, with the restaurant offering a-la-carte and a full buffet, each containing a mix of local and international choices.

Sumptuous Spa
The Panviman Resort offers an impressive range of relaxation offers, from reflexology to traditional Thai oil massages. The spa is located by the sea in tradition wooden building. An expert team of therapists will work with you to focus on the areas that need help, focusing on helping your mind relax by relieving the tensions and strains that you carry in your muscles.  A workout in the air-conditioned gym can help you feel like you’ve earned one of the many different relaxation treatments and its open air style can help bring a refreshing new twist to your workout.

Fun In Many Forms
Anyone looking to experience Thailand in a novel way can make use of a range of fun activities provided by the resort. A kayak trip into the sea allows you to see the island from a completely different perspective.  If you find that life above the water starts to get a little dull then you can arrange a snorkelling or diving trip through the resort. The waters around the island are beautiful and clear and an underwater excursion promises a vibrant show of colourful fish and marine life.

The rooms here are quite pricey, coming in at around $200 per night during High Season and you should expect to pay a little more for pool access room or one with a private Jacuzzi. All rooms come with Wi-Fi as standard and an on-site laundry service can be arranged for pick-up from your room. The suites include a TV and DVD player, should you wish to idle away a few hours in bed and each bathroom contains both a huge bath and a shower. Each room is located within an opulent tropical garden, allowing you to sleep in the most beautiful surroundings.
Few places on the island offer such a rich mix of luxury in a tranquil location away from noisy bars and traffic.

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The Dewa Koh Chang
Situated on the heavenly Klong Prao Beach, The Dewa Resort will impress even the most exclusive of travellers. Blending traditional Thai styles with modern sensibilities, the resort offers the best of the old and the new, providing a charming setting for your holiday. The resort offers exclusive packages, including full wedding ceremonies or honeymoon retreats and with such a romantic setting, it is easy to see why such offers are popular.
Amazing Food
Starting from 6:30am, the buffet breakfast will help set you up for whatever you have planned for the day. This is followed by all-day dining a la carte, with a sumptuous selection of gourmet Thai and international cuisine served up until 10pm.  Should you wish to take a more casual approach to eating, then the bars and cafes that can be found around the resort can help provide small, simple but nonetheless delicious meal options to see you through the day. With an open plan design, you can enjoy your food against the brilliant backdrop provided by the sea and the sun. Down by the beach, you can even enjoy a seafood BBQ every evening, using freshly caught fish to provide the finest flavours.

Stunning Spa Facilities 
Utilising remarkable home-made treatments of oils, emulsions and lotions, the resort’s spa is guaranteed to have you feeling refreshed and revitalised.  The staff are fully trained in a wide variety of spa treatments, including facials, full body massages and oil rub downs. Each treatment as its own benefits and the assortment of lotions can be tailored to your specific needs, based on the various herbal properties. The traditional treatments of aromatherapy can be mixed into your visit, allowing you to fully immerse all of your senses in the relaxation experience. A sauna and a whirlpool bath make for impressive way to end each session.

Staff that go the extra mile
With the transfer between the airport and the resort taking up to four hours, the staff at The Dewa make it their mission to make sure that everything goes smoothly upon your arrival, providing cool drinks and towels to soothe your tired self. Such hospitality is well noted by its guests, who frequently comment upon the high standard of service as a factor in the enjoyment of their holiday, citing it as a main factor in deciding to return to stay – the highest compliment one can pay a hotel.

With a selection of Deluxe Rooms, Villas and Grand Villas to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect place to suit all of your needs. A night during the high season will cost you about US$275, though the Grand Villas will set you back around double this amount. The Grand Villas are twice the size of the other rooms, comfortably accommodating five people, with its own Jacuzzi and staggering vistas of the Gulf of Siam. Every room comes with a selection of luxurious amenities, including a free fruit basket, Wi-Fi, parking, tea and coffee facilities and a mini bar – allowing you to feel well looked after during your stay.

This is a resort which has truly thought of everything when it comes to customer satisfaction, with everything from an on-site library to its own private water sport facilities. You will want for very little here, allowing you to indulge yourself and forget about your cares.

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Emerald Cove Resort
As its name suggests, the Emerald Cove Resort is a rare jewel set on the resplendent beauty of Koh Chang’s Klong Prao beach.  It’s long been established as one of the best resorts on the island.  Initially being run as part of the Amari chain and now independently by the owner’s own management team.

Luxury Spa Treatment
The Emerald Cove Resort makes good use of its reputation to source the best Asian herbal treatments for use in their spa. These medicines have been tried and tested throughout the centuries to treat a wide number of ailments and are known to aid the body in relaxation and recovery.  The spa offers an impressive array of treatments, including a number of massage treatments, body scrubs, body wraps and facials. Each treatment can be enjoyed separately or can be enjoyed as part of a spa package. These packages mostly come with preselected options, though the top tier treatment allows for complete customisation.  The resort also has its own barber and beauty shop, to fully round out your treatment. This includes simple haircuts and hair steaming, as well as manicures and pedicures.

Yoga Retreats
At specific times of the year, the Emerald Cove resort offers you the chance to participate in an exclusive and intensive yoga course, aimed at improving your physical and mental wellbeing. Each course lasts either one or two weeks and can be enjoyed by yoga practitioners of any ability. Starting with the basics and developing into more advanced and modern techniques, these yoga courses take the best of the traditional styles and mix them with the latest scientific knowledge. This results in a unique course that maximises strength, flexibility and ones sense of self.

Enjoyment for all the Family
Should you wish to make this a family vacation, then there is plenty on offer to keep your children happy. The resort offers a babysitting and childminding service to keep the children occupied while you take some time for yourself. An on-site library can help you find the perfect book to read beside the pool or on the beach during your free time.

When the family is together, you can take the time to enjoy one of the many fun activities offered by the resort, including kayaking, table-tennis, darts and diving, as well as the dedicated children’s pool. In the evening, make sure to check out one of the glorious dining options, which include dedicated Thai and Italian restaurants.

Depending on when you book, it is possible to pick up a room during the high season for just US$165 per night though on average, you can expect to pay closer to US$200. As with most luxury resorts, the high end rooms cost roughly twice this but come with a staggering range of benefits that more than justify the cost.

Each room comes with a King-Sized bed as standard, though this can be substituted for two single beds if required. The bathroom contains separate bath and shower and each room has access to complimentary Wi-Fi for the entire duration of your stay.

Make sure to keep an eye out for special deals as the resort occasionally offers free spa treatments, free nights and discounted transfers from Trat Airport for visitors at certain times of the year. That said, you are guaranteed a fantastic stay whenever you decide to visit.

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Gajapuri Resort

Kai Bae Beachoffers something for everyone, and as such, the Gajapuri Resort offers you the chance to experience exquisite relaxation in relative privacy. But with numerous restaurants, shops and bars within easy reach by foot. Due to its success, the resort has expanded in recent years, allowing them to offer more high quality trips that cater to your exclusive needs. The entire resort is built above the grounds, with a beautiful system of wooden walkways connecting each part of the resort. This lends the Gujapari a tropically rustic charm, almost village-like in its layout, with the wonders of nature being found literally on your doorstep.

Dine In Style
Although the location lends itself to dining outside the resort in the evening, the food served at the resort is of the finest quality, with many travellers commenting on how tasty each meal served was.  Three meals are served throughout the day, though all day dining is possible with a large selection of local and foreign cuisine being offered, as well as tasty snacks to relax by the pool with. Romantic set meals allow you to bask in the setting sun and cool breezes and each night sees a 20% Happy Hour at the bar, effectively rewarding you for staying at the resort and making for a perfect end to your evening.

The GajaPinn Spa
GajaPinn translates into English as ‘Elephant’s Lullaby’, with the idea being that the hotel is promising that their spa treatments are so relaxing, they would even lull an elephant to sleep!  Offering a full range of treatments, including traditional Thai massages, the GajaPinn Spa is the perfect place for you to see your troubles fade away.

Relax & Unwind
Whilst many resorts have gone down the route to packing as many totel rooms aor bungalows onto their land as possible.  This isn’t the case at Gajapuri.  The teakwood bungalows are spaced well apart and offer plenty of privacy and there’s a very spacious pool and garden area fronting onto the beach for those wishing to relax in laze their days away.

The basic bungalows will cost you around US$150 per night at peak times, though this will double should you wish to book a private villa. These villas come with their own pool, allowing a little extra privacy to those willing to pay for it. Each booking includes a free drink, fruit plate and cool towel upon arrival, free internet access throughout the resort, access to the extensive DVD library and free use of the Sauna at the spa. Extra beds and cots can be added to most rooms but be sure to check availability before finalising your booking if this is what you require.
This is a splendid resort, perfect for honeymoon retreats and romantic getaways.

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The Chill Koh Chang

The Chill prides itself on its postmodern aesthetic, utilising the very latest in architectural styles to transplant you into an unbelievable world where the line between man and nature starts to blur.  In other words, it’s painted white and you’ll find meaningful quotations written into the concrete footpath as you walk to the restaurant each morning.

Unrivalled Dining Experience
The Chill Out café is an example of how to do an upmarket pool / beach cafe the right way. It has an incredibly sleek aesthetic that allows you to enjoy many different delicacies in beautiful surroundings, gorging on both the food and the view. All meals are served here, allowing you to enjoy the scenery at different times of the day.  With a distinctive blend of international cuisines of offer, you are sure to find something to sate your appetite. The restaurant serves food until 10pm each night and specialises in Thai fusion seafood, so be sure to experience this at least once during your stay. A well-staffed bar ensures that only the finest drinks get brought to your table, fully completing the luxury experience.  Should you find that you want to take your culinary experience home with you, be sure to ask about Thai cooking classes which the resort occasionally offers.

A Spa That Lives Up To Its Name
Luxury is the order of the day at the resort’s spa, offering an incredible selection of treatments for you to spoil yourself with. The spa is considered a five star experience, with Thai massages being a particular speciality. Each visitor also has access to the sauna and Jacuzzi, meaning that you can really pamper yourself.  Be sure to check out the Spa’s gift shop for a number of unique keepsakes, including locally crafted jewellery made from high quality silver. These are the types of trinkets worn by locals, allowing you to take home an authentic reminder of your time in Thailand.

Adventure In All Its Forms
Despite its name, The Chill resort isn’t all about relaxation as they know that the best chance to unwind comes after a long, busy day. To this end, the resort is happy to help you organise an unbelievable amount of trips and excursions to help you see the area in a variety of different ways.  Whether you feel like taking a snorkelling or dive trip to gaze in wonder at the rainbow of aquatic life or you want to leap through the trees at the Treetop Adventure Park, the resort offers you the chance to do it all.

Rooms booked for the high season will cost around US$220, though features such as a private pool and Jacuzzi will add a significant;y to this except in Low Season. Each room comes with a TV and DVD player as standard, open planning and the smallest rooms are all at least 50m². The screen windows allow access to a number of different balconies and terraces and mean that the rooms are always beautifully bright, refreshing and offer stunning views throughout the day. Should you wish to spend your days in peace, be sure to check a book out of the resort’s library, which is kept well stocked with a selection to suit most tastes and interests.

The Chill resort is an amazing location, a romantic idyll that offers you the chance to truly retreat from the world and focus on your own rest and relaxation.

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Chivapuri Beach Resort

The island of Koh Chang has a staggering number of bountiful beaches and few of them are as lovely as Klong Koi which is tucked away on the south coast of the island.  This was the last of the main beaches to be developed. The Chivapuri Beach resort stands out as a special example of the Thai luxury experience as the resort is located right on the beachfront, allowing its guests unfettered access to one of the most beautiful spots in Thailand.

Fine Dining
The beachfront restaurant serves meals twice a day, breakfast and dinner, and offers a mouth-watering selection of flavourful food – culinary delights that blend international styles with Thai ingredients and seasonings. The chefs have years of experience in the finest hotels in the world, ensuring that all your food is of the highest standard.  If you are looking for a more romantic dining experience, then the Chivapuri is more than happy to arrange for your meal to take place on the beach, setting up a table and chairs or providing a picnic basket. Here you will be alone with other, with only the sea and the sky as a background. Your meal will be lit by candlelight, allowing you to enjoy your partner’s company as you watch the sun go down. So romantic is this place that the resort even caters for entire wedding parties, should you be looking to make your special day even moreso.

Unlike many resorts in the area, the Chivapuri has decided to incorporate the natural beauty of the area into its relaxation treatments, offering outdoor Thai massages in the natural shade beneath the many trees that can be found around the resort. Where many spas offer such things indoors, the unique outdoor massage allows you to benefit from the healthy sea breezes and restorative powers of sunlight. Alongside traditional Thai massages, guests can also receive reflexology treatment from the resort’s expertly trained staff.  Anyone with a chlorine sensitivity, or a need to avoid chlorine for cosmetic reasons, will be pleased to know that the swimming pools are salt water which won’t irritate your skin. You’ll be glad that you can as the resort’s pool is a luxury infinity pool, offering unmatchable views of the bay whilst you swim.

• Best Views on the Island
And taking of views, the west coast beaches do all have sea views but aside from the handful of islands off Kai Bae and Klong Prao beach there isn’t any scenery.  However, from the beach at Chivapuri Resort , you’ll be looking out towards Koh Wai, Koh Mak and Koh Kood – amongst others.  On a clear day a dozen or more large islands are visible and you’ll see the tour boats setting out and returning every day.  If you prefer to be on the sea then paddling a kayak across the bay to Bangbao is possible or, for the more adventurous, an hour’s paddle will take you to the deserted Wai Chaek beach which is further east on the south coast of the island.

Incredibly, a night during the high season can cost you as little as US$120. This price will get you a Garden View room, which still manages to provide 60m² of floor space, huge luxury beds, a TV and DVD player, as well as your own private balcony. If you wish to truly indulge yourself, then a private villa offers you room to relax outside the bedroom as well as your own outdoor shower to make trips to the beach much easier.

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Hope you’ve found something that fits your requirements.  If not, let me know and I’ll see if I can think of any other resorts that would provide you with the location and facilities you’re looking for.