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Coral Island Koh Larn Guide

Visit Coral Island.  Pattaya’s Best Day Trip

Coral Island, as Koh Larn is called in the tour brochures, is an idyllic spot just 7.5 kilometres, a 15 minute speed boat ride, from Pattaya beach.

This scenic island has long been known as a prefect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Pattaya.  It is a relatively undeveloped island with just a handful of resorts; several laid back beaches and an ever increasing number of great seafood restaurants.  The lush green hills in the interior of the island can be explored on foot, scooter or bicycle along narrow roads and paths. 

But best of all, unlike Pattaya beach, you will be able to swim off clean white sand beaches in clear blue seas and your eyes won’t be assaulted by concrete high rise blocks wherever you go.  A multitude of water activities are also available for visitors

It is possible to stay overnight on the island, but the vast majority of visitors will take a day trip to the island.  This is an ideal way to see the island as you can take a boat in the morning, spend a few hours there and then return late afternoon.

A guided tour is the most common way of doing this. There are some examples of day tour itineraries below.  The tours are great if you want to spend the day doing something other than just hanging out on the popular Tawaen beach.  Water activities such as parasailing, banana boat rides, scuba diving, snorkelling, sea walking and jet ski riding are available.   It’s much better value to do these activities as part of a tour than pay for them individually. 

However, it is possible to spend a day chilling on Koh Lan, away from the tour groups.  You’ll be able to get away from the package tourists and the busiest beaches where the boats moor, and discover all the island has to offer. Enjoying panoramic views, discovering quiet beaches and eating in smaller locally owned restaurants. 

(Personally, I feel it is more rewarding to do the trip independently, by public boat from Bali Hai pier.  But a day tour is far easier to arrange, especially if you don’t have much time and want arrangements to run like clockwork.) 

Welcome to Coral Island

How to Get to Coral Island? Day Tours from Pattaya

Getting there is a cinch. There are numerous full day tours and half day trips run by companies based in Pattaya.  In general, two types of Pattaya Coral Island tour by speed boat are on offer.

Visitors can choose a simple tour, with just transport and lunch provided OR a fun-filled full day trip which includes two, three or four different activities.  The great thing about the second option is that you can tailor the tour to suit your requirements and budget. Choose to enjoy a day of leisure on the beach.  Or get on, under and above the water for some fun. 

Shorter, half day tours usually don’t include lunch.  Visitors will have the morning or afternoon on Tawaen beach.  However, the beach restaurants serve up inexpensive Thai food, snacks and cold drinks. 

The Pattaya Coral Island tour will begin with you being picked up from your hotel and taken to Pattaya beach.  Your speed boat will leave from the beach around 08:00 – 09:00 and go directly to the island.  It is just a short 20 minute trip. 

You’ll be taken to one of the main beaches on the island. Tawaen beach is the largest and busiest beach.  You’ll have already decided how you want to spend your day.  For some it will be taking a swim, supping on an ice cold coconut and generally watching the world go by. For others it will be on one or more of the activities on offer. 

Lunch, which is included in the tour price, will be at one of the bustling beach restaurants.   There will often be an option to include a seafood lunch.  But, it as prices for fresh seafood are low on the island,  you’ll get much more choice if you check out restaurant menus when you are on the beach. A seafood lunch on Coral Island isn’t an expensive luxury.

For the return trip, you’ll be picked up around 15:00 – 16:00 and taken back to Pattaya beach or Bali Hai pier by speed boat. From there transport will be provided to your hotel.

Coral Island Tour Program and Prices

As mentioned above, the trips offer a lot of flexibility regarding activities. You’ll see that I’m not linking to any recommended trips or tours.  This is because there are so many to choose from and all offer pretty much the same thing for the same price. This is an example of a typical full day tour and prices for additional water activities.  

Tour operators usually take their clients to Tawaen beach.  This is one of the busiest, but also most scenic on the island. 

Coral Island Tour itinerary includes: 
Price per person
Round trip hotel transport
Round trip speed boat to Coral island
700 Baht
+ Glass Bottomed boat trip 1,000 Baht
+ Parasailing 1,400 Baht
+ Sea walking (5 metres down) 1,600 Baht
+ Parasailing, Banana Boat, Jetski 1,700 Baht
+ Sea walking, Banana boat, Jetski 1,800 Baht
+ Parasailing, Sea walking, Banana boat, Jetski 2,200 Baht
+ Parasailing, Sea walking, Banana boat, Glass Bottomed boat trip 2,200 Baht
+ Parasailing, Sea walking, Banana boat, Glass Bottomed boat trip, Jetski 2,500 Baht

In case you’re wondering what ‘sea walking‘ is, it’s not walking on water.  It’s walking on the sea bed.  How?  By using a weighted helmet that fits over your head.  Air is pumped into the fishbowl-like helmet and you are lowered a few metres from a floating platform to the sea bed.  Where you can experience walking underwater.  Unlike scuba diving, no special training is required.  There will be a guide on hand , in scuba gear, to accompany you. 

Full day tours are also run to accommodate specific requirements. For example, some focus on tours for Indian, Russian or Chinese visitors.  And so these trips will include the services of a guide that speaks Hindi, Russian or Mandarin Chinese. 

Lunch will also be tailored to certain dietary requirements.  For example, Indian visitors often prefer an Indian style lunch rather than regular seafood or Thai food lunch. Likewise Chinese visitors may prefer a less spicy or a simpler lunch than Thai guests. 

sea walking coral island pattaya

Where to Book a Coral Island Tour?

Visitors to Pattaya who are on a package tour will often have a trip to the island included in their itinerary already.  It will probably include a couple of activities and you’ll be able to pay more to do others.  For independent travelers, it is easy to make plans a couple of days in advance.  There’s no need to arrange all your activities and excursions months before you set off on vacation.  

If you prefer to book tours in person, then you’ll find a multitude of tour agents booths within 100 metres of your hotel in Pattaya.  All offer the same trips and full day and half day tours.  Prices are often negotiable, especially if you are booking for a family or a group of friends. 

A good agent knows that if you book one trip with them and get a good price then you’ll probably book more and become a regular customer. 

Nowadays more people opt to book direct with the tour company online. is probably the best known site for arranging everything from transport to trips and tours, to theatre tickets and afternoon teas.  There’s a whole host of possibilities which can easily be booked using your phone from anywhere in the world. It’s well worth checking out as you’ll find plenty more activities at discounted prices in Pattaya.  Such as water parks and cabaret shows.



  • + Parasailing, Sea walking, Banana boat, Glass Bottomed boat trip, Jetski = 2500 bath
    including Round trip hotel transport ,Round trip speed boat to Coral island + Lunch

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