9 Best Fishing Trips in Thailand

Fishing tours in Thailand

Whether you’re going after sailfish or Giant Mekong catfish, Thailand has some of the finest fishing experiences imaginable. It doesn’t matter if fishing is your sole reason for taking a trip to this country or you’re already headed there to enjoy the scenic beaches, exciting nightlife, or rich cultural heritage of the country. Thailand has plenty to offer, and its fishing tours offer once-in-a-lifetime excitement.

If you’re in the process of planning your next trip, you may want to consider some of these best fishing trips/tours in Thailand to help you make the most of your experience.

Why Take A Fishing Tour? 

You will have a few options to choose from when it comes to fishing in Thailand. You don’t have to book a fishing trip or tour – you could always just head out by yourself in a secluded location and hope for a bite or two. 

Joining a fishing tour has a lot of benefits, though. Not only do most guides speak fantastic English, but they know all the “industry secrets.” They know exactly where to go to find the most fish!  Just bring a good quality portable fishing rod and you’re good to go.

Plus, choosing a fishing trip or tour will eliminate concerns over fishing in unsafe areas or violating angling regulations that you weren’t aware of.  Not all fishing trips and tours are built alike. You can pay a bit more money for an all-inclusive trip that includes everything from the fishing itself to all food and accommodations or a little bit less for more basic packages.

The Best Fishing Parks, Tours & Charters in Thailand


Bungsamran Fishing Park in Chaochengsao province ( east of Bangkok) is one of the best places you can fish in Thailand. A private fishing park, it holds ten IGFA world records for some of the largest fishing catches ever recorded. 

Bungsamran is not a natural lake, yet it’s filled with more than 50 types of fish. You can see them just by peering down at the surface of the water! Not only can you rent all the equipment you might need right here – a convenience that’s perfect for backpackers – but there are all kinds of amenities (including restaurants) nearby, too. 

Bkk Fishing Tours offers some of the best excursions.  You can head out for Mekong catfish or other species here, and you’ll benefit from a guide service and transport with convenient pickup and drop off times. All bait and heavy fishing equipment are included, as are lunch and beverages. 


Sabai Sabai Cruising and Fishing Tours is an excellent German / Thai fishing tour if you’re looking for a first-class chartering experience. You’ll not only be able to tour all of the islands around Pattaya but you’ll also be able to enjoy the best of deep-sea fishing. 

You’ll set sail on a special boat that is designed for catching large fish like stingray and barracuda. Nighttime fishing experiences are offered, too – and you will be able to choose the ultimate destination and island the day you set sail. 

Koh Chang

Koh Chang is part of the Mu Koh Chang Marine National Park and is one of the largest islands in eastern Thailand.  It’s less touristy and less populated than both Phuket and Samui, making it a great destination if you want to avoid the crowds. 

One of the best fishing trips can be found by heading over to the Sea Breeze restaurant in Koh Chang. As Koh Chang’s smallest restaurant, Sea Breeze has a handy kitchen that lets you enjoy a discreet meal in the company of friends. 

A six-table restaurant, it offers traditional Thai dishes that you’re sure to love. But what makes this restaurant truly one-of-a-kind is that you can head out on a fishing trip and catch your own dinner! For just 1,200 Baht per person, you can head out on a sunset cruise to try and land your favorite kind of fish. These tours are small and personal, capped at four people. 

Chiang Mai

If you’re headed to Chiang Mai city, you may want to check out Big Game Fishing Adventure Tours. This company offers tours in Chiang Mai as well as much of northern Thailand. You’ll be able to go after all kinds of big game fish, including giant snakehead and Giant Mekong catfish. 

If a trophy fish is what you’re after, book with Big Game Fishing Adventure Tours. Your tour will include five hours of fishing in either the morning or afternoon, along with all transportation expenses included. You will even get free fishing lessons and access to fishing equipment, too. 

Phang Nga

Aligator Gar at Exotic Fishing Thailand

Exotic Fishing Thailand is located in Phang Nga and is a premium fishing resort that offers the best catch and release experience.  You’ll be able to go after 60 different exotic fish species when you book with Exotic Fishing Thailand. There are packages available for beginning or experienced anglers alike. 

Some fishing charters only target certain fish species – in Thailand, that tend to be Giant Mekong catfish and a few other species.  It can be a lot of fun to catch one of these big game species.  However, you might go home empty-handed because your options are a bit more limited. However, with Exotic Fishing Thailand, you’ll be able to catch a ton of fish. Your arms will be sore by the end of the day from all of the reeling!

In fact, this charter has an average catch rate of ten or more fish per angler per day. Even if you don’t catch a big fish, you’ll enjoy the views. The lake is surrounded by gorgeous mountains with breathtaking views. 

Ko Pha Ngan

If you’re headed to Ko Pha Ngan, make sure you set aside some time to book a fishing trip with Attack Fishing. This company specializes in all kinds of tropical fish species, including barracudas and marlin.  You can book a one-day fishing excursion or a full vacation, with prices varying depending on your length of stay. 

Phuket – Chalong 

With Funthaisea Game Fishing, you’ll travel just 12 miles south of Phuket to Koh Racha. Here, you’ll have access to two separate islands with gorgeous coral bays, warm waters, and plenty of fish. 

You’ll spend the day upon the Guzel, a 50’ yacht that offers comfortable and exciting fishing. The best time to fish with Funthaisea in Chalong will depend on what fish species you are targeting. Want tuna? Head out between November and April. If you’re interested in Mahi Mahi, you’ll want to visit Chalong in the summer.

You’ll get access to top-quality gear and tackle sponsored by Shimano, Rapala, Marlin, and more, too. Snorkeling equipment is even available if you want to take a dip! 

Phuket Town

Fishing charter Say Yes yacht, Phuket

As the busiest city in southern Thailand, Phuket has plenty of fishing charters to choose from.  But Say Yes luxury yacht is one of the best. Run by a local Thai captain with more than 30 years of experience. During the charter, you’ll be able to visit all the top destinations on a comfortable charter yacht.

This is one of the best fishing trips in Thailand for large parties, as the boat can easily hold up to 30 people.  Five people can fish at the same time, and there’s even more room for additional spearfishing, too. 

You’ll be able to target all kinds of fish, including yellowfin tuna, sailfish, bluefin tuna, barracuda, grouper, and more. Your journey won’t limit you to one island, either. You’ll be able to head to two separate islands – Racha Yai and Racha Noi – so your fishing excursion can easily be a sightseeing outing, too.


There aren’t many fishing trips available in the Krabi area, but one that makes the top of the list is Rainbow Lanta Fishing Charter. This fishing trip is meant for small groups – only six guests are allowed aboard the 25’ fishing vessel.

You’ll be able to troll to Koh Maa and bottom fish in all the sweet spots. In addition to a variety of smaller local fish, you’ll also be able to fish for barracuda, needlefish, groupers, trevally, mackerel, and more. 

This isn’t a catch and release operation either. You’ll be able to take your catch home so you can always cherish the memories of your fishing trip – at least until dinnertime, that is. 

When is the Best Time to Book a Fishing Trip in Thailand?

Fishing is great throughout most of the year in Thailand. You’ll want to avoid the monsoon season and aim to visit earlier of later in the year.  The fall and winter months tend to offer the best opportunities. 

October is a great time to enjoy some good saltwater fishing, but you’ll find that the fish bite long into the winter months.   December is another great time to visit – the weather is beautiful and all kinds of fish are in season (and biting hard).

So what are you waiting for?

Brush up on your fishing skills and invest in some new fishing gear. And whatever you do, book one of these best fishing trips and tours in Thailand as soon as you can – the fish are waiting for you.