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Where to Meet/Avoid Russians

russian-videoOr a 7 minute video highlighting the places Russian tour groups visit in Pattaya, Koh Chang, Koh Laoya and Koh Kood.

Thus giving you the chance to avoid accidentally visiting these places at the same time as a hundred strong tour group from St Petersburg  descends on the restaurant or resort.

Groovy music too, comrades.


  • I have been to Russia a few times and certainly appreciate their culture, history and diversity. I travel for work and meet Russians all over the world. We all have cultural iniosyncracies that a sensitive person tries to be aware of when traveling. Russians can seem unfriendly and oblivious to fellow travelers and this can cause upset. Their demeanour can also seem rude and demanding to service staff. I’ve seen Russians in Thailand lots of times and their attitude can seem gruff and ambivalent to Thais who consider it a lack of self control to be rude to strangers. Funny thing is, however, that as many people know, Thai guys are not all smiles and wai’s and if a tourist demeans them or embarasses them, they may just wait outside ’til the bar closes and Muay Thai the hell out of him. Thais don’t respond well to rude ambivalent behaviour and anyone, Russian, English, Swedish or whatever, will have a much richer experience if they kerb their tendencies to live on the “Planet Me” and stop to consider how their behaviour may make others feel.

  • Yeah Ive heard a lot about ppl from Finland who think that it is the must to get drunk and out of control in Russia. But I would never say that they are worst tourist.. As for me I prefer avoid all places where group tourist usually live or hanging out. For sure tourist should respect traditions of contry they are in, but its a tourist guide duty to explain the group what is prohibited to to in some places, like what kind of cloth person should wear in temple. As for russian tourist its true, thet they are really can spay way too much on their vacation, they can pay twice more than the real price of the goods, and locals get used to it, thats the main reason I prefer not to live in teh same places. Prices getting way to high))))

  • to FINN :)
    I live in Saint-Petersburg and very often I visit Finland during holidays, target etc., as a rule, we go to have a rest with a family in cottages, at us many the Finnish friends, and not all Finns also badly think of Russian :)
    …and may be you know about Finnish people who like drink much vodka in our pubs, but i never think bad about all FIN people…
    what about me, i never drink alchogol, at all

  • i am feeling very sorry for my people, but I wish to notice that:
    – As correctly already here wrote that the individual tourist and the organised group of tourists is two big differences
    – Our country (Russia) very big, lives many nationalities in it and ethnic groups, would be more correct all the same to specify, which Russian, whence? On my supervision it also is of great importance…
    From myself I will add that constantly according to the lights I struggle with displays not respect, neglect and so forth our tourists in another’s countries, especially in Thailand…

  • of course, nobody wants to insult others.
    I also would avoid drunken Brits in Latvia and other cheap beer countries, or in Spain resort fighting in the evening.
    And those who piss on the Statue of Freedom in Riga center

  • hmmm, my wife is still bruised from a simple breakfast buffet experience with a Russian tour group and the only people we encountered who insist on talking on cell phones during Thai Massage are… Russian. We have seen too many examples of R. men dressed in nothing but speedos waltzing into Buddhist Temples. This is not meant to insult Russians, all I am saying is the cultural differences are especially noticeable in Thailand. Like any nationality, individuals are great, groups tend to be overwhelming.

  • Well? And how to understand this? I was planning to visit the island this Sep by my own for one week, but after this comment not interested anymore. I am Russian too and do not see RUssians make any more problems than others when there are lots people, at least they bring money

  • Does anyone know what resort that is? It looks like The Chill and we are booked there in Dec09. Should have a good vodka menu though

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