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Road Destroyed? No problem! The Long Beach Detour

Long Beach Detour

( If you’re reading this now – mid-2017 or later, then don’t worry.  The road has been repaired and paved.  It is now easily passable by car all the way to Long Beach and Hat Yuthanavy )

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to find a way around that missing section of road and get down to Long Beach.

One of the best rides to do on a scooter is on the road from the hamlet of Jek Bae on the east coast of Salakphet Bay down to Long Beach and Hat Yuthanavy in the far southeast of the island.  There’s a section of road which was washed away in floods a few of years ago.  However, it was still possible to get around on a wood and dirt bridge that was constructed.  This has lasted the past 3 years or so until this rainy season when that too was entirely washed away along with an even wider section of road.

So most people heading down there at the moment get to the hole in the road pictured above and then turn back.

However, there is a way around.  You can find this by yourself.  When I was down there yesterday there were a few people who had figured out that it might be possible and gone looking for the detour. Including one guy from Bangkok who you’ll see in the video in his shiny new car.  He stopped me to ask if I thought he could make it to Long Beach.  Next time I saw him he’d put a few scratches and dents in it. But on the plus side, at least he made it there.

To make life easier, here’s a video of the detour.

Instead of taking the road signposted to Long Beach you keep heading straight.  Go to the end of the road and follow the signs for Karang Bay View Resort.  Once in their land follow the dirt track.  You’ll see  a large sign fore the resort in front of you pointing to the right.  Ignore this.  Keep following the dirt track straight, towards the hills in front of you.  This then leads up to the Long Beach road and emerges 100 metres on the opposite side of the missing section of road. But take care as it is rutted .  I wouldn’t try getting up the the road in a normal car.  You’ll need a pick up truck or 4WD with good ground clearance.Down on Long beach itself – the Treehouse is currently closed.  The only place to get food and drink is Tantawan Resort which is in a small bay not far from the southern end of the beach.

Video quality isn’t so good as I used an SJCam rather than GoPro for this one.

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