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Koh Chang Underwater Clean-Up For World Ocean Day

Koh Chang Underwater Cleanup

Koh Chang Underwater Cleanup

A mortar round . . .one of the more unusual items recovered from the sea bed and beaches in Koh Chang Chang Marine Park during the clean-up on 8 June.

The clean-up of dive sites and beaches around Koh Rang was orgniased by BB Divers in support of World Ocean Day. World Ocean Day is an annual observation to honour the world’s oceans, celebrate the products the ocean provides such as seafood as well as marine life itself for aquariums, pets, and also a time to appreciate its own intrinsic value.

Over 50 people showed up and spent the day on BB Diver’s boat.  Among those who joined and entered into the community spirit were staff and divers from other dive companies on the island; Koh Chang residents and tourists who wanted to give something back during their holiday.

All in all over 100 bags of garbage were collected.  Most waste consisted of discarded fishing nets, plastic bottles and waste washed up from the ocean.  However there was also a TV set and the (used) mortar round shown in the photo above.  Not sure where that came from.

Follow BB Divers on Facebook for news of future underwater clean-ups.   And if you’re interested in more information on clean-ups on land as well as underwater, the Keep Koh Chang Clean FB group is the place to be.  Clean ups are held regularly in different areas of the island year round.


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