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Koh Chang By Scooter. Part 4: Lonely Beach to Klong Kloi Beach

Driving on Koh Chang to Bangbao

Driving on Koh Chang to Bangbao

This video assumes that you’ve made it down the hill to the north end of Lonely beach, at Siam Beach Resort and are now heading for your final destination in either Bangbao or Klong Kloi beach on the south coast of Koh Chang.

There are only four resorts on Lonely beach itself – Siam Beach Resort, Nature Beach Resort, Bhumiyama Resort and Siam Hut.  As you’ll see the main built up area – where most people stay is a few hundred metres south of the actual beach.

You’ll see a lot of garbage by the roadside too around Lonely beach – this is caused by the monkeys who raid the bins.  Don’t feed them.  You might think you’re helping them but you aren’t.  They become fat & lazy dependent on junk food.

After Lonely beach the undulating road leads 1.5Km south to Bailan, which is equally laid back but with no sandy beach.  Home to some good value accommodation.  Finally, five minutes further on and you’ll reach Bangbao fishing village.  Park near the entrance to the pier.  Then take a look down it.

If you want some sand, Klong Kloi beach is a kilometre away. There is a nice beach a kilometre away. Another place you’ll often see monkeys is roadside close to Klong Kloi beach.  There’s one on the video just sitting in the middle of the road.   This is another place where any unattended plastic bags or bottles will be raided by monkeys.

You’ve made it to the south of Koh Chang.  The road continues for another 2Km or so from the start of Klong Kloi beach.  You can loop around the back of the beach and then take a dirt track down to the resorts.  The paved road comes to an end at the entrance to Aunchaleena Resort, where you have to pay to enter.  The highlight is the ‘Galaxy’ a floating hotel straight out of an 80’s slasher movie.  It’s  a weird place.  Some pics from a couple of years ago.

But wait . . .  there’s more . . .

You can explore further by taking the road that runs along the peninsula on the opposite side of Bangbao Bay.

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