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Koh Chang By Scooter. Part 5: Bangbao Peninsula

Along the Bangbao peninsula

Along the Bangbao peninsula

A few hundred metres before you reach Bangbao you’ll see a road on the right which is signposted to Nirvana Resort, Resolution Resort, Cliff Cottage and a couple of other resorts and bungalows.

These are located on a peninsula, from which you get some great views across Bangbao Bay.  The road is pretty uneventful for the first kilometre, but once you reach Cliff Cottage look left and you’ll get uninterrupted views to the fishing village.  The road appears to end in Nirvana Resort, but it doesn’t.  Keep going, along what is now a dirt track, as it heads up onto the hillside and there are a couple of spots on the way where land has been cleared and the best panoramas of the bay are to be had.  You might also see a monkey or two on this road.  There’s a troop which lives on the top of the hill.

Once you reach the end of the road.  Park and you can take a short walk to a Thai Navy Shrine at the entrance to Bangbao Bay. The shrine itself isn’t so interesting.  But the views are well worth the 200 metre walk.

For Part 6 of this seemingly never ending series, we’ll start back at the ferry pier and take a trip down the far quieter and less developed east side of Koh Chang.

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