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Koh Chang By Scooter. Part 3: Klong Prao to Lonely beach

Riding a scooter to Lonely Beach

Riding a scooter to Lonely Beach

Continuing our scooter ride along the west coast of Koh Chang.  This video is from the northern end of Klong Prao village to Siam Beach Resort, the first resort at the north end of Lonely Beach

A wide, flat road leads from Klong Prao village to Kai Bae, the next beach.  Kai Bae is more touristy than Klong Prao but retains more of it’s charm than White Sand beach.  In the past couple of years the centre of the beach has moved upmarket and is now home to three very nice 4* resorts – The Chill, Gajapuri and Awa.

Once you come out of Kai Bae village you’ll notice that the road narrows and goes into a steep climb up to the viewpoint – which is well worth a stop. From there it meanders over a hill and drops down to Lonely Beach. Probably the most hazardous stretch of road on the island is the hairpin bend on this section. Stop to allow traffic coming up the hill to pass as vehicles take the final turn very wide. If it’s wet be extremely careful or walk the bike down the hill rather than riding it.

If you ride a scooter for a day in High Season, you’ll almost certainly see an accident.  Thankfully, usually a minor one where the only thing that is hurt is pride and the bike is left intact bit with a few more scratches than when it was rented. he day I took this video was no exception.  After the stop at the viewpoint, keep an eye on the opposite side of the road, someone has just come off their scooter and is picking it up to get back on it.  They aren’t hurt but they’ll have a bill to pay for the superficial damage to the bike.  They were lucky they must have been going very slowly and the road wasn’t busy.

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