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Koh Chang By Scooter. Part 7: Dan Mai to Salakkok

Dan Mai to Salakkok by scooter

Dan Mai to Salakkok by scooter

This is the longest video as there wasn’t any obvious point to split it.  From Dan Mai village down to Salakkok is an easy ride.  No hills, no traffic, just a sea of green.  A lot of fruit is grown in this area, especially Durian.  From April – July, you’ll see it being sold outside locals’ homes by the roadside.

The main attraction on this stretch is Than Mayom waterfall.  This is where a couple of Thai kings visited and carved their initials into the rock well over 100 years ago.  As with, Klong Plu waterfall, the other main waterfall on the island, the National Park have a ticket office here.  So you have to pay to enter.  The falls are OK, but not spectacular, and you’ll need a guide to enable to to reach the upper levels which are hidden from view.

A few minutes south, Tara Resort has a pretty good coffeeshop by the sea which is a good place to take a break. If you wander around the side of the coffeeshop into the hotel, you’ll see they have a huge hand painted mural of Koh Chang on the dining room wall – very impressive.

And if you;re getting hungry and fancy something healthy, The Spa Koh Chang, has a good restaurant that has all manner of veggie , healthy and raw food items on the menu.  Ideal for a light lunch in very pleasant surroundings.

As you approach the southeast of the island you come to the junction, there’s only one, so you can’t miss it.  We’re taking the road on the left which leads to Salakkok and then also down to east side of Salakphet Bay to Long Beach.

Salakkok is a small fishing community, split into two main parts.  One on the bay itself and the other hidden among the mangroves.  Access to the bay is through a canal.  Stop off at Salakkok Seafood to see a bit of ‘old Koh Chang’, families who still fish for a living and have small boats outside their homes.  You can also rent a kayak and paddle through the canals in the mangroves.

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