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Stay Healthy – Quick Guide to Fruit on Koh Chang

Koh Chang Fruit

You’ll find good fruit everywhere on Koh Chang.  The High Season is actually the time when a range of fruit is harder to find and also can be more expensive.  ( The main fruit season in this part of Thailand is from April – July. )

However, as you’ll see in this video, made by a Polish guy who’s a fruit lover, there are places to buy fruit for a very good price on the island.  The shop in the video is in Klong Prao village.  I know it well as it’s where we buy fruit and also the place I recommend to our guests.  

You can either buy whole fruit by the piece or per Kilo or as a freshly cut pack, already cut up for you, for 30 Baht.  These packs are often the most convenient option as they have 2 or 3 different types of fruits and make a great snack without the mess of trying to cut up fruit yourself.  I often just buy a variety pack if I am passing, take it home throw it in a blender with some ice and a plain yoghurt and ‘Hey Presto’ a far better smoothie than any you can buy in a restaurant. 

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