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Day Trip Aboard ‘Thai Fun’

This video condenses a full day trip into a few minutes and features ‘Thai Fun’, which runs day trips to the islands south of Koh Chang.

The trip is more a nice day out on a boat than a specifically a snorkelling trip.   But, if you have a penchant for   leopard print, enjoy a nice   Western-ish buffet lunch and want to stop off at Koh Wai, Koh Mak and a couple of snorkelling spots then its for you.   But it is double the cost of a regular snorkelling trip, which don’t include animal print seat covers or western food – only wooden benches and Thai food.

As shown in the video the boat picks people up ff the beach as it heads down the west coast of Koh Chang.   So you’ll also get to see the west coast of the island in detail.   Book it at pretty much any tour agency here.

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  • We did this trip, me ,wife and 2 kids,last year and i can recommend it .The staff were great really friendly and great with the kids,playing games,magic tricks,especially the girl with the dodgy eye.The food was good had rice dishes as well if i remember.Went to some great snorklelling spots and it didnt feel rushed,time for swimming and diving off the top off the boat.Koh maak looked amazing though we didnt go ashore,looks good to stay there.
    I think the tickets were 1000b ,not cheap but you get a full day.Worth it. NEIL HYNES.

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