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Bangbao by Drone

Bangbao aerial video

Flying over Bangbao fishing village

It’s been a while since I added any aerial videos.  I had a drone, a Phantom, but the stress of wondering if it would ever return when it flew a few hundred metres away proved too much.  So eventually I sold it.  I’ve got a smaller, much cheaper one – via a Kickstarter project – on order now.  so hopefully I should have that in a couple of months.

In the meantime, Peter has taken a few good videos of his drone around Koh Chang.

And then this video says it is Wai Chaek beach but it is the far end of Klong Kloi beach, about 1 kilometre from Bangbao.  If you’re heading down to Bangbao then it’s worth spending some time on the beach there as well.  The resort in the video is the bizarre Aunchaleena Beach Resort, where you have to pay to get it. Not because it is super luxurious, I think it’s to stop more people seeing how bad it is.



In the meantime, Peter

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