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Advert For The Russian ‘Piratski Pub’

Yo, comrades.

Do you want to hang out on Koh Chang with the groovy, cool people from nations as diverse as Russia, Ukraine and Georgia? (But not from the Baltic states who believe they are better than us.) Would you like to eat large slabs of meat and boiled vegetables without any chili insight, in the surroundings of an authentic teak wood building with mock lighthouse outside?

If so, then come on down!

Named after the Welsh pirate who accidentally discovered Moscow in 1676, after taking   a wrong turn whilst trying to navigate from Cardiff to Llandudno, the Sir Henry Morgan Pirates Piratski Pub is located in Kai Bae.


  • That’s Great….. I will have to hire those guy’s to film My T.V commercial …… Love the voice over….And this is a true ad as,I never see more than two people in the place at the same time…could have packed it out a bit for the filming…..

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