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A Very Complete Koh Chang Video Guide

Aerial video of Koh Chang

Firstly, this video is in Russian, so unless you speak the language you won’t have to play it with the volume turned up.  It’s also over 45 minutes long. There’s a lot to see. But on the plus side it does include some great aerial shots of Koh Chang. So if you don’t have 45 minutes free, just skip to the parts taken from the air – well worth seeing.

The guy who made it came to Koh Chang equipped with his drone and this adds a whole new dimension to holiday videos.  No need to be a helicopter pilot to see the island from above.  Aerial views in this video include some great views from above of various beaches on the island, viewpoints , waterfalls and also from one of the main snorkelling spots to the south of Koh Chang.

It does a great job of showing off the best the island has to offer.  (The video can’t be embedded, so you’ll be taken to the Youtube site to watch it when you click to play it below.)

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  • Very informative video, if one has the time to watch. Pity it’s not in English, or with sub titles.

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