Humming Bird . . . or not?

humming bird moth koh changWhat do you see in this 9 second video?

At first it appears to be a Hummingbird.   However, Hummingbirds don’t live in Thailand and as much as I’d like to discover a new species of Koh Chang Hummingbird, that isn’t going to happen.

The bird, is in fact a moth – a Hummingbird Hawk Moth. ( Click for photo from Wikipedia )   This is just Mother Nature’s way of messing with your mind.


  • Most likely a Sunbird. Common here and very similar to a Hummingbird. ( They also looking at themselves in mirrors. Hang a small one up :-) )

  • We have a small bird, definitely a nectar eater that comes in through an open window, hovers, checking itself in a mirror, then heads back out the window! Slightly too big for a hummingbird, but capable of sustained hovering. Every attempt to film him so far has failed, he only turns up when I’m not ready! Ban Sai Buriram.

  • Unless it has flown here from either the North American or South American continent, it won’t have been a Hummingbird. As they dont live in Asia.

    It will have been either a large moth ‘Macroglossum’ that is often mistaken for a hummingbird or a Sunbird which looks similar.

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