Excellent Video of Dolphins off Koh Chang

Cyril from Eco Divers on Koh Chang sent me this video that they filmed during a ‘Clean Up’ day at Koh Wai on 10 December.   During the day they pulled out over   180 kg of junk from the coral reefs,   including fishing nets, fish traps, crab traps, ropes, tyres, bottles, plastic etc.

However, on their way back to Koh Chang they came a cross a pod of, they estimate , around 100 dolphins. Some came close to the boat and jumped in front and swam alongside.

The first half of the video is still photos of people on the boat and of Koh Wai, the dolphins start around the 2 minute mark. Around 4’10”   look out for the mother and calf coming under the boat. Some really good footage that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.


  • that was an amazing day, we all have some great memories to take away from that and i hope to be back in Koh Chang to do it all again, need to make a booking with the organiser of the dolphin display team though, look out for the fat bloke with grey hair and glasses :)

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