Ultra & Trail Unseen Koh Chang Adventure Race – Feb. 2015

Unseen Koh Chang Race

Koh Chang Trail Race

So who fancies a bit of exercise?

On 28 February Go Adventures Asia, an event planner that specializes in organizing races, triathlons etc across SE Asia is holding Koh Chang’s first adventure race the ‘Ultra & Trail Unseen Koh Chang 2015’ .  There are three events –  13Km, 35Km and 66Km. Registration for the events opened a couple of weeks ago and is open to anyone interested in a bit of a challenge.  The event will take place in the southeast of the island on routes laid out around the Salakphet area.  This is a quiet area, very little traffic plus plenty of dirt roads . For the 35Km & 66Km you’ll obviously need to be pretty fit.  The 35Km also includes a stretch through the jungle which looks interesting to say the least.   The 66Km takes you down to both Long Beach and Wai Check beach  – the two least visited beaches on the island.

For anyone who just wants a challenge and isn’t  a hardcore runner, the 13Km race, which takes runners along an abandoned road to Wai Check beach and back is an interesting route. A few hills plus an uneven, potholed road surface and dirt track through grassland – so you won’t be setting any personal bests.

And if you do decide to participate, I’ll see you there.  I’ve entered for the 13Km race.  I don’t run at the moment and the last race of any kind that I entered was an obligatory annual school cross country run over 30 years ago.  So it looks like I’ll need to start doing a bit of training. Probably not too much though as the last time I ran I knackered an Achilles tendon and then spent a couple of months limping around.

Also worth mentioning, the original length of the ‘easy’ race was 10Km.  However, a couple of days after I entered the organisers changed the starting point – so what’s another 3KM?

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  • Good luck Frank. I’m not really thinking of it as a race – that would be to depressing. :-) But if I can get to the end of February without injuring myself then I may well continue running. I’m starting to enjoy the early morning jogs.

    See you there


  • Hi Ian.

    I have entered the 35km run.
    I never was an athlete, feeling quite content with a sedentary live style. Until a moment came that woke me up long enough to realize that my current life ways were not suitable in terms of long term.

    I was one of the lucky ones where the knowledge really hit hard enough and the path of recovery was one that I enjoyed.
    Getting in shape is one of the hardest thing a person can set out to do. We are used to getting rewarded immediately after doing something and with exercising you get punished first with hunger pains and sore muscles before receiving the rewards months down the road.

    Now I use these type of events a tiny goals to keep me working on my fitness levels.
    For people who are terrified of the longer distances, try to change your mindset from “race” to “a nice day out in beautiful scenery.”

    Hope to see you there

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