Trat Museum

Trat Museum

In the centre of Trat you’ll find Trat History Museum, a small museum that covers the history of Trat from it’s early days as an important stopover for Chinese traders to the occupation by the French in the early 1900’s and the World War Two Battle of Koh Chang.  

It’s a very nice little museum with all information in both Thai & English.  There are several multimedia exhibits, again in both languages or with English subtitles.  Whilst there is a lot of information that will enhance your knowledge of the area, there’s not much in the way of actual exhibits from times past.  But, if you are in Trat for a day or two and want to learn more about the area then it’s well worth visiting.

Admission is 30 Baht for foreigners. ( 10 Baht for locals )  You’ll probably have the place to yourself.


The museum is housed in the old City Hall.  A beautiful colonial era wooden building that has been totally lovingly restored.   It’s located away from the main shopping areas of Trat near the local government offices, court and police station.  So you may need to ask for directions.


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