Indoor Trampoline Park at Aiyapura Resort

Inside the trampoline park at Aiyapura Resort, Koh Chang

Koh Chang’s newest attraction for visitors is a purpose built trampoline park.  This is located in the grounds of Aiyapura Resort, in the northwest of the island.

When I first heard about a trampoline park being built here I assumed it was a joke.  As it’s not the sort of thing that you immediately think of if you were listing activities for visitors.  But it’s now a reality and it’s also good fun.

The park had a soft opening in January and then opened officially to the public on 11 February.   Our staff heard abut it opening and wanted to have a go and so we went to try it out.   And as it was the opening day it was just 100 Baht / hour. 

There’s a ticket counter at the entrance where you can choose to pay for either a one hour or two hour session.  One hour is 350 Baht, two hours is 550 Baht.  Unless you’re an athlete or just super keen on trampolines, an hour is enough.  Despite it being fully air-conditioned, you’ll be breathing heavily and dripping with sweat inside 20 minutes. 

Another expense is the need to buy non-slip socks to wear.  These are 80 Baht / person.  ( Personally, I’d include these in the price or at least have a bucket of old socks people can use for free if they want, and give visitors the option of buying some if they prefer not to do that. )

The idea of a trampoline park is a simple one.  Just a space filled with trampolines that total novices like me can fall over on or people with skills can do all manner of flips and tricks on.   There’s also a section which has giant airbag sitting in front of a couple of trampolines.  This is purpose built for crashing into when something goes wrong.  So you can practice somersaults etc without worrying about breaking your neck. 

In another corner a couple of basketball hops are set up.  If you’ve never dunked a basketball, now’s your chance.  And once you’ve mastered the basics of getting high enough and close enough to the rim then it’s time to move on to more ‘Michael Jordan-esque’ dunks. 

There are staff on hand to give advice and tips on how to use the equipment and gain confidence, but apart from that you’re left alone to bounce around where ever you like. 

If you need to take a break, there’s also a coffeeshop and restaurant with fresh baked cakes and pastries in the same building. 

So, definitely recommended if you want to get out of the sun ( or rain ) and have an active afternoon.

Location: Aiyapura Resort, Klong Son

Price: 300 Baht / 2 Hours.  ( But it varies according to the season.  Check on their Facebook page  )


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  • Wow, the resort and the trampoline park are so great, I am sure that my children will love it. I will take my family to here soon. Thanks for sharing!

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