The Unofficial Kai Bae Viewpoint

kai bae viewpoint

High up on a hillside midway between Kai Bae and Lonely Beach lies a run down building.   It belongs to the National Park and I remember seeing it when it was being built and by the looks of things it was planned as a restaurant and visitor centre.   It was completed but never opened, for some reason.

Years of neglect, coupled with dodgy construction, have taken their toll with roof collapsing in a few areas.  The gravel road leading up to it is now overgrown and barely visible but there is a path you can easily follow and it looks like someone is sleeping up there.     Don’t know who, as there are three bungalows for Park staff nearby but they were preoccupied with a soap opera on TV, so didn’t seem to mind me wandering around.

There is also another viewpoint in the same area as the park bungalows, which at one time had toilets and small restaurant – this was open for a short while several years ago but then closed for good.  And at the main viewpoint above Kai Bae you can see the concrete base of what was planned as a restaurant and, you guessed it,  never got completed either.

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